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Why should your business have a web site?

Your Own Mark in the Internet World


Why is it so important to have your own web site? Put simply, a professional-looking web site is the single most important tool available to business owners. It allows the world to see what product or service you are offering. Moreover, it provides an overall snapshot of your company, allowing prospective clients to glimpse your product and/or service in a short amount of time, gauge your attention to detail and accuracy, and note your company’s professionalism.

The bottom line is that even if you choose to forego the whole Internet thing for whatever reason (you believe your product sells itself, for instance), your company’s competition will surely hold an Internet presence. All those potential clients garnered online will not be going to your web site if you don’t have one.

Seven reasons to have your own web site:

Your Web Site Is Your Resume
Your web site is your virtual storefront. Frankly, it is the most effective way to display your “wares” to the world. If your product or service can be used worldwide, why not market to that audience? A professional web site is like your business’s resume, only it provides far more detail, pictures of your service or product, and examples of work done. When done effectively, it also allows ecommerce transactions.

The Competitive Advantage
A polished, efficient web site design will give you that competitive advantage. Whether your business is run out of your basement or the penthouse suite in a major city office building, your web site defines your business. Billions of dollars were spent in online sales last year.

Since the inception of the Internet, the amount of trade conducted electronically has grown enormously. Today’s businesses can hardly function without email and online orders. Further innovations, such as Internet marketing and funds transfers (among many others), make your website critical to the overall success of your business.

Marketing Reach Far Outweighs Cost
With over 1 billion Internet users worldwide as of Sept. 2006, today’s successful business, large or small, simply cannot afford to overlook the massive marketing potential the Internet offers. This is particularly true when one considers the costs associated with and limited geographic disbursement of yesterday’s traditional printing methods

Instant Updates and Modifications
When compared to traditional print media, the Internet cannot be undervalued in regard to modifications. In the “old days” you might print off 1000 brochures, all glossy professionalism, only to discover that you made a spelling typo or your manufacturer for a certain product no longer carries said product… You get the idea. With the Internet, your changes, edits, and updates can be done immediately, before widespread distribution and (business) damage occurs and without wasting thousands of dollars. The web truly is a flexible and remarkable tool.

Fewer Staff Required
In the “old day,” in order to properly market your business, you had to hire staff to set up window displays, place ads in local media, and go door to door. Today, all of this (and more) can be accomplished online. At just a few dollars a day, compared with the cost of numerous staff, rent, etc., today’s businesses can save thousands by marketing online with their own “storefront” website. Moreover, your website reaches far more than those in your limited geographic location, thus increasing profits.

Increases Your Credibility
Let’s face it. Without a website in today’s computer-savvy world, your business will suffer. Potential clients want to know where they can go online to research your company, background, and products/services. If they cannot do this, you lose valuable credibility in their eyes. They’ll be wondering why you aren’t with the technological age. A website increases your credibility and professionalism in the eyes of your clients.

Many of our web design clients are local to the Sarasota and Bradenton. However we have clients across Florida and the US. While it is always nice to be able to meet a client face to face in Sarasota or Bradenton we have developed ways we can provide excellent service wherever you are. Through the use of phone, email, web based project management software, and remote access software we can really cover all bases.

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